New Bitterwind album out now!

solo project with a flock of herons

This is the 4th Bitterwind album called Cry Craven. Bitterwind is Dana's solo project with the help of present and former Night Herons, as well as former band mates and friends. "The music wanders along a rootsy, shadowy path where despair meets hope and they decide to have a picnic."

Night Herons "Heavy Swell" out November 1st, 2019

Available in vinyl, CD, streaming AND DOWNLOADS

Night Herons third release came out November 1st! It's called Heavy Swell and was recorded by Dana and Mike with final mixes by Mark Gordon, mastered by Gus Elg and artwork/design by Curtis Wissler.

The new music has a heavier tone, musically and lyrically. Dana still writes of hopeful disillusionment, but has turned his focus outward, grappling with the emergence of the dark side of the American ethos.

We will be playing a record release show November 1st at the Golden Bull in Oakland with Dave Leonard on bass and Kedar Patel on guitar.


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New release going to vinyl and featured in Vinyl Snob Podcast!

Final mixes are done and the new songs are being mastered now. The new album, Heavy Swell, will be out in September. Dana and Mike played all parts and are now putting together the live band with Dave Leonard on bass. Expect a record release show in early October! 

The making of the vinyl record will be featured in the podcast, VINYL SNOB. In a two piece segment called 'The Vinyl Dream', Night Herons will be featured as an indie band making its first vinyl record, from mixing, mastering/lacquer cutting, the actual pressing of record to delivery of final project.

Bitterwind release!


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