What the hell is Bitterwind?

Bitterwind is Dana's "side project", a chance to record his songs with the help of various Night Herons.

Dana originally put together a band with Mike and Larry to perform Bitterwind songs after he recorded the debut album, Bleak Is Beautiful, but quickly found that he and his new band mates were writing so well together it warranted starting a new band. Night Herons was created in 2013. Before Night Herons went into the studio however, Dana recorded the second Bitterwind album, Time Without Light. Basic tracks for both of those albums were recorded in the same secluded house in the mountains of Southern Oregon on Dana’s mobile/home studio.

Delta Road, which came out in 2017, was a set of songs written by Dana and loosely based on a screenplay idea he was developing. This was the first Bitterwind album to feature Mike and Larry on several songs. The songs were more stripped down than previous releases, roots rock with a little country and hard rock blended in.

On Cry Craven, the fourth Bitterwind album, the music wanders further along that rootsy, shadowy path. The ghostly simplicity of the past is filtered through the fractured lens of contemporary chaos and bewilderment. 

Cry Craven is more of a collaboration between Dana and Larry who now lives in Chicago. Dana writes the songs, sings and plays acoustic while Larry plays drums, some lead and mixes the record. Enlisted in the virtual band are Night Herons bandmates, Mike Assenzio and Dave Leonard, as well as Richard Shirk and former Forrest Lawn bandmates Rich Jones and Shea Breaux Wells. Dana's friend Brandon Conner contributed the magnificent artwork.  

A Bitterwind band was recently assembled with Dana and Mike on guitars, Larry on drums and Richard on bass to play the first ever Bitterwind show with Night Herons at The Fireside Lounge in Alameda on Friday, March 13th, 2020.

Dana has been a drummer in many bands, including high school rock & punk band, Eugene and the Poseurs, which had a short resuscitation in 2007 & 2008; Los Angeles heavy alt-rock band Forrest Lawn in the nineties where his first attempts at songwriting appeared and the San Francisco indie folk-pop band Pancho-San in 2006 & 2007.