The variety on here is unreal... These songs are just hit to hit to hit. Also, pretty tight and disciplined and spare on the arrangement which gives it a no nonsense radio identity, like Tom Petty.” - Martin Popoff on 'Heavy Swell'

— author of 90 books on heavy metal, hard rock, punk and more

New Release - Heavy Swell out November 1st!

Night Herons are an Oakland alternative rock band. They combine classic guitar driven pop with noisy, progressive post-punk, camouflaging dark themes in captivating melodies. Comprised of singer and drummer Dana Berry and guitarist Mike Assenzio, the duo has just recorded their third album called Heavy Swell.

The new music has a heavier tone, musically and lyrically. Berry still writes of hopeful disillusionment, but has turned the focus outward, grappling with the recent emergence of the dark side of the American ethos.

Original member Larry Huene moved back to Chicago shortly after recording second album, Relevant Noise, but Berry and Assenzio began writing new material and dove right back into recording, this time playing all the instruments themselves, again in their studio with Mark Gordon doing final mixes. Enlisting local artist Curtis Wissler to design the cover art, the band decided the time was right to press vinyl. Along with long-time bassist Dave Leonard and new guitarist Kedar Patel, the band is excited to showcase these new songs live on stage. Heavy Swell will be out November 1st with record release shows planned in Oakland, Sacramento and LA.

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