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  1. Blue River

From the recording Relevant Noise

Dana Berry - vocals, guitar, synth
Mike Assenzio - guitar
Larry Huene - drums
Dave Leonard - bass


City lights hang like stars around me
Pissin’ wind scatters dreams down alleys
Cardboard beds of unlucky men in slavery
Bloodshot eyes reflect the lies we’re living
Blue river, blue river
Your luck is running out, you’re getting swept away
You never had a chance, the river has its way

Rolling doors covered in graffiti
Desperate signs trampled by our progress
Liquor stores sucking in the needy
It’s always someone else’s problem…

Fear of the darkness, sun washed away
Feels like decay, rivers run away

The postcard lies of sunny skies are peeling
Suburbans roll over sleeping corpses
Segways cruise through the human zoo now
Beauty has an ugly reputation…