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  1. Bad Idea

From the recording Relevant Noise

Dana Berry - vocals, guitar
Mike Assenzio - guitar
Larry Huene - drums
Brad Assenzio - bass


I feel like I’m never right just a fool in another game
set me up to take me down never find me underground
I know something’s wrong
It’s like a bad dream
Last night wasn’t right
Have I come to late?
It’s a bad idea

I feel like I doubled down I took a dive in another round
Now I know I gotta win tape me up and send me in
I know you have bad friends
That like to take you there
Did you go with them?
Should I come with you?
It’s a bad idea

Gotta feeling I can’t escape
Gotta feeling in my brain
Gotta feeling it’s a big mistake
Gotta feeling I can’t escape